Rebuilding Your Self-Image

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The Way of the Warrior

Discovering Your Cute Self Again

As we move through life, we sometimes let go of who we are and who we were, until one day we realize we no longer like how we look or who we have become. The foundation for our self-image is based on how much we approve of ourselves. We are constantly, continually, and incessantly bombarded with images of how we "should" look or act. Unfortunately, we often simply cannot live up to those expectations as defined by others or the media or our peers. And as long as others define your look or your character you will always, always, fall short.

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In this meditation exercise we are going to recapture that time when you liked how you looked and felt. Most people have an image of themselves that quickly comes to mind. Maybe you were 16, 22, 29, 32; some age where your personal approval ratings were higher than now. It may be that your focus isnÕt based on thinking back to when you were ravishingly beautiful, but to when you were comfortable and happy with your looks and attitude.

This exercise is designed to help those individuals who are struggling with self-worth. This can take the form of dissatisfaction with your weight, body tone, or your sense of self-confidence. It might be that your personal attitude is based on a harsh nature that leaves you feeling distrustful or lacking. Or it may simply be that you no longer feel on top of your game. Decide what you want to re-build today. Start by going back to a time when you last felt good about that aspect of you. Can you see your face? Can you remember that confident smile; the clear eyes and comfortableness of you. This is your focus, your foundation. This is the life youÕre going to revisit, rediscover and invite into your Now.

Begin with thee 4-4-8 relaxation breath and relax the body. Once you are in a relaxed state, let your breath take you back to a day where you remember feeling good and perfectly balanced. Now that you have found the time in space, picture yourself in a bedroom, sitting on the side of the bed, relaxed with your eyes closed, back straight and body poised for a reawakening of a You you already know.

Taking a deep breath, relax and open your eyes. Look into the mirror that is on the wall a few feet away. The room is dim, so you only see a faint outline of yourself. As your eyes become accustomed to the darkened room, you can see more details. Now the room begins to lighten slowly, but you seem able to control how fast it gets light. Take your time. You are seeing the You of your satisfying past. If you experience difficulty creating a clear image of yourself from that previous time, slow down the rate of increasing light.

Bring the light up until you see yourself smiling back from the mirror. Let that smile fill your face, shine through your eyes and overwhelm you with well-being. Embrace these feelings, know yourself again, recapture your center. The You you are now is the You you have always been. Find those great feelings as you welcome your cute self back home.

At first, it may feel strange to bring the You of old into today's world; like someone you recognize but can't quite remember their name. But you begin to feel the dawning of familiarity and you look into the eyes looking back at you from the mirror. The feeling of recognition is warm, slow and relaxed. And it's a feeling of confidence. Not a sharp feeling of confidence, but a smooth feeling of confidence. For several minutes, bask in these feelings. Embrace the You that you remember and begin to feel that You blending into your Now you. The sense of comfort is amazing and you feel happy, filled with a quiet laughter that lights up your face and your heart.

In thinking of this experience, notice how much lighter you feel. Notice that you are more centered, strong and confident of your Now and your future. It's so much easier to land on this concept of Self than the one you have become used to. Hang onto this You. It is still you even if you haven't identified with this You for awhile. Becoming You again -- what a joyful experience!

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