What do you want?

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The Way of the Warrior

What do you want?

Seems like an easy question to answer, but in all actuality, it can be very difficult to answer. If it were easy to know what you want, then you would be experiencing everything you ever wanted all the time. Of course you would have to accept the premise that you get in life what you focus upon and what you allow.

Now the first step would be to establish clarity or knowing what you want. The second step is allowing what you want. This can present it's own set of obstacles, but let's address that aspect at another time. Our meditation this week will focus on clarity and knowing what you want..

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In preparation, pick a desire that you can spend some time developing. Examples might be: a close and exciting relationship; a clear sense of financial security; a job that feels rewarding and for which you are rewarded; or it might be the perfect state of health free of stress and tension with a well-toned body. Whatever desire you decide to develop using this meditation, be aware of the power of your thoughts and be ready to make it happen.

Begin as always finding your "something," using the 4-4-8 deep breathing exercise to reach the state of relaxation where your awareness has drawn within and nothing from the outside distracts you, your body awareness had slipped away and your attention is on the inner silence of your mind.

To clearly identify your desire, pull outside of the image and then move back into that image, slowly building it with care and clear intention. Start with the initial impression of your desire. See the colors and curves and the qualities. Feel the internal response to this creation. Does it feel warm and inviting? It should. If it feels cool and uninviting, you need to adjust the image. You obviously have not made peace with your desire and you are encountering a resistance that be termed lack of self worth. You will want to explore what part of you is undeserving. What part of your desire don't you deserve?

Spend some moments building, clarifying, testing and rebuilding until the image you observe feels warm, and possible. This image should glow, vibrate, and be clear in your visualization. You should see yourself in the center of this imagery with arms wide open, accepting the desire as complete, whole and clear. No doubt, no lack of completeness, no shadows, no mystery.

What do you want? Can you define for yourself the end picture? Not so much the steps of the picture -- in fact do not define the steps to the goal -- but the results of the goal, the outcome, your desire. Remember, along with the desire come the consequences of achieving that desire.

Achieving your desire could, and very probably will, result in an outcome you didn't fully imagine. Take care of your power. With the results of your desire come all the trappings that the Universe used to bring that desire to fruition. How? Well maybe:

  • That perfect relationship is with an unavailable potential partner. This might mean that you didn't include "available" in your visualization. Or perhaps it means you are fearful of making yourself available. - That job that attracts and fulfills you begins to create an exclusion of your family and friends as your working hours increase each month. Perhaps you didn't seek to add career as an extension of all joy or you forgot to balance work into your whole life.
  • That sense security knowing you have financial flow leads you to begin valuing yourself and others through the clouded window of money, rather than there that sincere expression called wealth. Perhaps your evaluation of life becomes an evaluation associated with the dollar value of things in your life. And when you can't attach a monetary value you struggle with seeing it's value. Perhaps you left out the concept of energy in your visualization and you began to connect dollars to financial security to self-valuation. You will want to reconnect without the economic valuation. Instead see your sense of financial security as calm, strong and unrelated to dollars. Connect instead to energy and the personal power of manifesting your desires.
  • That perfect desire for health left you feeling not only good about yourself but a maybe a little and intolerant of those whose weight and body tone isn't exactly witihin the acceptable range. Or perhaps your desire for the perfect weight or perfect look dominates and creates balance, where the inner self is fully identified, recognized, and honored. This successful expression of your desire will not judge others, but simply feel deeply grateful for the success of the desire.

Let's go back to the desire image and build it once more. See, feel, touch, and taste this image. The overall impression is warm, powerful, loving, and easy. This is all intuition, all inner awareness. And as you find the image melding with your intentions, you bring your attention back to the physical world, feeling whole, feeling free and joyfully anticipating the realization of those desires. Now it's just a matter of expecting your life to change as you have begun to mold it.

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