The Heart of a Warrior

Inspiring change from within

I am a Shawnee. My forefathers were warriors. Their son is a warrior... From my tribe I take nothing. I am the maker of my own fortune.

- Tecumseh

The Way of the Warrior

Breathing in the Mountain

So much of our focus has been on the breath. This meditation exercise uses the breath to gain and absorb the power of nature. Wherever you live, you may or may not have mountains that inspire you with their beauty and majesty. I live close to the Sierra Nevada Mountains so I have a lot of choices for mountain beauty. If you do not, you can use a picture of a mountain that you find beautiful and inspiring.

The purpose of this exercise is to realize that there is power all around you in the universe. You simply have to tap into it. It takes confidence, clarity and awareness to see and absorb this power for your own.

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Whether you have a picture in your hand or a mountain range in your backyard, this is the image I want you to imprint clearly in your mind for this meditation. Now, let's begin.

Nature in it's many expressions holds the power of creation, of potentiality. And most of nature, excluding humans, has no hidden agenda, is without fear and accepting of life's flow. From nature we can learn how to attract the power of creation and how to allow that power to manifest, as it should, expressing perfect balance.

Find your most relaxed position, whether lying down or sitting up, and go through your relaxation technique to go deeper into an awareness of your inner calm. Regardless of how this meditation begins, you will come to a comfortable seated position for the Breathing in the Mountain meditation.

Once you have found your center of calm, quiet and are ready, use your breath awareness to go deeper into your heart. Breathe in using your abdomen to pull in the Power of the Universe. Breathe out using your abdomen to release any remaining tension or rigidity you might still be feeling. Continue this deep abdominal breathing until the quiet of you blends with the quiet of your surroundings.

In your mind, begin to visualize your mountain. As you see the mountain, let its deep, ancient power emanate, radiating and warming your heart. Initially you may not feel the heat from this giant, sleeping in its slow earth-bound coldness. But in truth, because its vibrations feel slow, it is only our lack of openness that would keep the mountain's heart from touching our heart.

The mountain, then, teaches us that to know warmth -- we have to open to it.

Continue your breathing and pulling in the warmth of your mountain. As this heat begins to spread, feel the underlying Power beneath the warmth. This is simply exchanging or transmuting one form of energy into another.

However, when we transform our awareness of our energy to energy of Pure Power, we recognize the seed of creation, the core of potential that exits in all power purely touched.

Take in with each breath this Power, this creative force and let it saturate your being. Let the very rawness of this Power be identified as an innocent beginning, a beginning of anything you want to manifest in your life.

Draw to your heart this Power, raw, pure and without design into your center. With the acceptance of this Power without design or identity, you have the ability to create whatever you want from its existence.

To use this Power for your creative dreams, you must first have a clear intention of what you want. But first, let's find the Power of the Universe using this Mountain Power meditation.

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