Redefining Your Self-Image

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The Ultimate Warrior leaves no openings -- except in his mind.

The Way of the Warrior

The Shattered mirror

How easy is it for you to look in the mirror? Not a 5X mirror for putting on your makeup or for shaving, but a full length, show your body in front of it mirror look. Or when you look in the mirror, do you see someone who isn't as confident, happy or carefree as you once were? It's not just body shape that can bring us disappointment when we look in that mirror.

There are those who have no problem with facing their mirrored image -- and this meditation may not be for you. Even if this is so, almost everyone has some part of themselves that causes them to feel unhappy or out of harmony with his or her self-image. This is a two-part meditation. The first step is to break the connection of discomfort, uneasiness, or even loathing of the self-image. Step two is the re-building of the self-image. Let's start by the removing the fear of looking in the mirror. Let's move away from those feelings of negativity when presented with an image of ourselves.
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We begin the meditation with deep breathing (using the 4-4-8 breathing technique) and the deep relaxation process we have used in the past. Once you are relaxed and sinking deeper into your inner awareness, you may either sit up for the remainder of the meditation or remain lying down. Once you are relaxed, imagine yourself going into your bedroom, sitting on the edge of the bed, and looking down at the floor. The lighting is soft, not harsh, easy on the eyes. Once seated, you become aware of the room and you realize that the bed is situated across from a full-length mirror.

Without opening your eyes, you imagine carefully removing all of your clothing and sitting back down on the edge of your bed. You might feel a little uneasy, so again, calm yourself and look down at the floor.

You now take a deep breath and prepare to look up and at the mirror. Once you are ready, you begin to slowly raise your head without lifting your eyes. Your eyes are closed now. Take one last deep, relaxing breath, shrug your shoulders, and lift your eyes to the mirror.

Crash! Startled, you realize the mirror has shattered before you can even see yourself, no image presents itself at all, and the mirror is gone.

Without the expected image of your face and body in front of you, there is a moment of delay before you realize that without the expected negative feedback, you feel a tremendous release of tension. You still expect to see yourself, so you close your eyes again, and you begin to see the you that you want to see. Start with your hair, it's full and lustrous and falls perfectly into place. Now build your face by beginning at the forehead and slowly moving down to your eyebrows, then your eyes. What color are your eyes? Whatever the color, they are clear, almost sparkling, and the whites are a sharp white. Your nose appears, your lips, your mouth and on to your chin. As you see your completed face clearly, you are relaxed, quiet, and comfortable. You feel your body, also relaxed. Continue the creation of you -- your shoulders, stomach, legs and back appear in your mind with ease. Now close your eyes. You are going to "feel" your body and face and come to the realization that this body, your body is, indeed your awareness of being.

Breathe energy and awareness from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. Your awareness radiates from the center of your solar plexus outward to the tips of your fingers and your toes. For now, all of your being is relaxed, quiet, calm, and balanced. All of your being feels comfortable, safe, and loved. Continue balancing this awareness for a few more minutes. When you are ready, you will quietly bring your body back to now and slowly move your fingers, toes, and open your eyes to come back to full awareness of the room. You see yourself from a place of calm acceptance. You no longer feel discomfort, but rather an ease with yourself. Come back to full awareness in a natural manner, feeling good, feeling healthy, and in touch with yourself.

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