Removing Negativity

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It's a difficult thing to truly know your own limits and points of weakness.

- Hagakure

The Way of the Warrior

Removing Negativity From Your Life

Do you struggle from time to time against negativity? We all know that when we are experiencing negative thoughts, life just seems to spiral out of control and nothing moves forward. Things just get worse and we begin to experience more and more reasons to feel negative. The meditation this week is one of several designed to help you find a better place in life, free of negativity.

One of the best ways to move yourself away from negativity is to focus on the positive things in your life. Unfortunately, when you are feeling negative or low in spirits, it is difficult to find anything positive to focus upon. This is the challenge. To step out of your misery and seek the gratitudes. The fact is, when you can feel appreciation and gratitude in your life, you will attract more to be grateful and appreciative of in your life. It's the Law of Attraction. You get in life what you focus upon.

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Major or repetitive challenges in life for any person tend to fall into one of four areas: health, relationships, finances or career. Generally speaking, most people have one area that dominates their life. Perhaps you are constantly chasing your financial dream and struggling for money. Maybe you have difficulty maintaining a good relationship. Some people have health problems while others just can't seem to find a job that makes them happy. Whatever your challenge area is, the best way to overcome any negativity related to those challenges is to find something about your situation to appreciate.

Let's begin with our relaxation focus for 5 minutes, releasing tension and controlling the breath. By now, the 4-4-8 breath should be easier for you. As you become more centered, and your mind quieter, your breathing becomes deeper and slower. Your back should be straight without tension in your back or shoulders. As you feel the quiet deepening, your mind's agitation and negativity should be subsiding.

Follow your breath as it comes in and out and realize that each breath releases more tension and the quiet in your mind is soothing. Let your mind begin to explore what you have in life that works for you. Focus on your challenge area and look for the working aspects. There is always something to appreciate even in the worst situation. If you are having difficulty finding something good about your situation, relax, focus on the breath, and find your gratitudes in the fact that you are able to sit here and meditate. You have a place to live, food to eat, and a body that breathes in and out every minute of every day. Seek something to appreciate.

Now that you have found a positive focus, let that something grow in importance. Notice that as you feel appreciation toward this part of your life that your tension lessens. Now look for a second aspect in your life to appreciate. There will be another part of your life that you can feel good about. Put your attention there for a few minutes. Continue seeking and finding those areas of your life that work for five to ten minutes.

As you focus away from your problems, you begin to feel lighter, happier, more peaceful. Let your thought processes slow and stop your seeking. Put your attention to the quiet that surrounds your breath and let the feeling of quiet spread throughout your body and mind. Let the breath flow in and out and as you exchange the air surrounding your body with the air within your body, focus on how good you feel.

Now begin to visualize your favorite place and meld the feelings of well-being and peace into the image of your favorite place. As you associate these quiet and peaceful feelings with the visualization of your favorite place, you will have a place in your mind to come back to whenever you need to release tension and find a positive center.

Spend a few minutes with thoughts of your favorite place surrounded by these feelings of well-being and end this meditation with the knowledge that anytime you need to release tension or feel relief from negativity, you can use your favorite place that has now been super-charged with feelings of peace and quiet. If you find that the visualization of your favorite place begins to lose it peaceful feelings, then go back to the meditation process of finding your gratitudes and recharge your favorite place. It will become easier and easier to draw peace and joy into your life when you want it and feel the need for relaxation and well-being.

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