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Using a Meditation Tool

This meditation focuses upon using a meditation tool to enhance your meditation experience. As you know, TAO Totem is a meditation tool that can be used to create an association in the meditative experience that allows you to return to a deeper state of meditation quicker simply by the physical association with the tool.
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In preparation for this week's exercise, use a physical object that you feel comfortable holding in your hand and carrying in your pocket or purse on a daily basis. Of course, we would like you to use your TAO Totem, but if you don't have one, some small, meaningful object will work. For this exercise, we will refer to the TAO Totem although you can use any object that feels good in your hand. Please understand that you do not have to use a TAO Totem for this exercise. Simply translate the references to the object you have chosen if it is not a TAO Totem.

Your chosen meditation tool should be held in your left hand to begin. We are going to infuse this meditation tool with the same relaxing energy that you bring into your body when you are doing your deep breathing. It will become the object that you associate with deep relaxation, a deep meditative state of mind and a calmness that you can call upon anytime you touch your meditation tool.

This exercise can be done lying down or in a seated position. Make sure you take the 5 to 10 minutes you require to reach a good state of relaxation. Rushing the relaxation portion of your exercise defeats the purpose of meditation, doesn't it? You should be setting aside 30 to 45 minutes at a minimum for your meditation exercise. Once you are relaxed and your breathing is steady, deep and slow, you are ready to begin this exercise.

Initially, then, you are going to focus on drawing in your deep breath to your left hand holding your meditation tool. As your fingers wrap around the smooth wood of the TAO Totem, you may have the desire to slide your thumb along the slide. Notice that as you hold the Totem, your hand is not tense. You are not gripping the Totem, but letting your fingers gently curl around it where your fingers fit naturally. And it lays lightly in your palm. You are gently aware of the Totem; it is not intrusive.

As you continue to bring your breathe to your left, receiving hand, you can see the color of that energy that envelopes the object as soft gold. Not quite yellow, not quite orange, not peach, but a soft, transparent gold. Now feel the breath drawing the soft gold color up your arm to your heart and surrounding your heart. Let the coolness of the color calm your heartbeat and create a connection between your Totem and your heart. Continue this breathing, color awareness and movement of energy to the heart for several minutes. Also see the expansion of the energy from a cluster of golden light around your heart to enveloping your entire body. It will happen slowly, not in a flash.

Now take the color inward, to depths that have nothing to do with your body, your mind. The depths of awareness you are seeking are without boundaries. Let yourself float into that area of consciousness that is so deep, you feel larger than your body awareness, greater than your mind. Floating with that awareness, put your attention gently, quietly back to your Totem and see it vibrating with the golden light you have been breathing into your body. Make the connection of accepting that your Totem and this golden light carry a deep, calmness that can be touched by you at any time, drawn upon when you wish to feel relaxed and in control.

Hold your awareness for as long as you like and when you are ready, bring your awareness back to the room, back to your body and open your eyes. When you first look at your Totem, it will seem to have an aura of golden light around it and it will become the constant reminder of how and where you find your peace and quiet.

Carry the Totem with you and be confident that when you are experiencing stress or discomfort, it will bring you back to your center, filling you with the calm relaxation you need to deal with the situation that causes you stress. Practice often and until this is easy and the association is solid.

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