Manifesting Your Life

Inspiring change from within

The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature.

- Joseph Campbell

The Way of the Warrior

Make It Happen

My favorite mantra is "Make it Happen." We have so many thoughts, ideas and dreams, but how many come to fruition? That will always depend on how determined you are and how focused your intention is. I think that it is apparent that I believe in the Law of Attraction and that you get in life what you focus upon. Given that orientation, this week's meditation is based on fine-tuning this concept into the ability to truly manifest what you are seeking.

The first question you must answer is, "What do you want?" If you are not clear on what you actually want, how can you expect the power of the Universe to come to your aid? One of the analogies I really appreciate comes from Esther Hicks and Abraham. Her example of how to address your desires is to be clear on what you want and then delegate it to the Universe. If you think of the Universe as the manager of your life and think of yourself as the CEO of your life, then this will make a very clear picture of how to create your intention and then release it to the Universe for how that intention will manifest.

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If you were the CEO of a multi-national corporation and you knew you needed office support in the Milwaukee office, you would not fly to Milwaukee, run the ads for the receptionist and then interview all the candidates, would you? You would delegate the task of populating your Milwaukee office with the appropriate staff to your personnel manager. You would say to the manager, "Make it so." And the manager would reply, "Consider it done." And so it would be done.

Think in these same terms when it comes to creating your world as you wish. Put the intention or desire out and then step away as the processes for completion of this intention begin to fall into place. Your job is not to figure out how your intention should manifest, but rather clearly visualize what you want to see manifesting. And this is done very easily and successfully when you focus on the feelings and visualizations of what you want. And this is how meditation skills can help you accomplish whatever you want in life. You are the one to "make it happen."

However, there is a correct way to feel and visualize successfully and there are ways to do this incorrectly. As a simple example, let's say that what you want is to weigh 40 lbs. less than you now weigh. You will not be able to lose weight if you continue to think about how much weight you want to lose, or if you see yourself as fat, or if you expend your energy on bemoaning the fact that you need to lose weight. The problem with this approach is that you are focusing on your weight, not the results of weight loss. The mind cannot respond positively to loss of weight, because there is no image that fits that the loss concept. As you look at yourself, focusing on where you are, you are reinforcing the current status and continuing to attract your current situation. This can be a tough concept to understand. But go back to the original premise you attract in life what you focus upon. Therefore, your focus must be on what you want, not on how to get there or on where you are now.

A perfect way to focus on weight loss is to spend your visualization time focusing on how great you feel in those clothes you want to wear (the ones at the back of the closet that you haven't worn for awhile). Or on how great it felt to be at that ideal weight sometime in the past. Keep your mind off your diet. Don't look in the mirror and berate yourself; stay focused on how you will feel at your perfect weight; how you can fold up easily in a chair; how much energy you have when you are at your perfect weight; how great you look in those favorite outfits you haven't worn for too long. Visualize the results, not the process.

Similarly, if you are trying to stop smoking, you cannot visualize not smoking, but you can visualize how you will feel when you start running again and your lung capacity has increased dramatically. You can imagine how clean your clothes smell and how you can smell again! You can see yourself doing more, feeling better. Perhaps you could visualize snorkeling or scuba diving; activities that don't lend themselves to smoking.

If it is a bundle of money you want, don't try to see stacks of money in your visualization because people don't very often gather their money into large stacks of bills. This will lend a lack of authenticity to your visualization. Rather, write out a list of desires and then pick one to meditate upon, clearly seeing yourself enjoying what it takes good finances to bring into your life. Perhaps it is a new home or fast car or the cruise of your dreams. See the trip, enjoy the trip, know that you are creating in your mind the trip that is just waiting to become your real life experience.

Now, on to the meditation. To begin as usual, start with deep breathing and relaxation. When you have gone through your relaxation steps, sit comfortably with your back straight and shoulders relaxed. You have picked your focus desire. You are going to clearly see the outcome of your intention, built slowly and completely with the strength of your feelings. As you go deeper into your state of relaxation, settling into your meditation, you begin to not just see the images clearly in your mind, but you feel the joy of your dream. You feel the happiness at accomplishing your desire because you are there experiencing it completely. You must become the feeling rather than imagine the feeling. You must see the experience from inside out rather than witnessing yourself as if in a movie. Be in the experience. This is a different way of visualizing. It is more like experiencing with your full awareness and attention. You are not in the audience, you are on the stage.

Meditation with this type of focus ingrains the potential so deeply that you would have to work at it to prevent your potential from being realized. Imagine being so focused in your thoughts that the power behind your thoughts is the formula for manifestation. This is the way it works. Be the CEO in your life. Delegate to your manager (the Universe) the accomplishment of your goals. Your only job is to stretch your imagination, sharpen your visualization, and know clearly what you want.

Finally, when you expect your work to bear fruit, it will. Do you think that the CEO has to worry about whether a receptionist will be hired for the Milwaukee office or not? Of course not. He delegates the task, expected it to be fulfilled, and gives it no further thought. When you are able to clearly see what you want, formulate a good visualization to support your desire and then release it to manifest, you will see your life turn around. Plant the seed and resist digging it up to see how it is doing. Just keep watering the little plant with the nourishment of your visualizations. You truly are the Master of your Destiny.

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