Meditations of Love

Inspiring change from within

To be a warrior is not a simple matter of wishing to be one. It is rather an endless struggle that will go on to the very last moment of our lives. Nobody is born a warrior, in exactly the same way that nobody is born an average man. We make ourselves into one or the other.

Carlos Castaneda

The Way of the Warrior

Long Distance Love Connections

Sometimes we're separated from our loved ones. We can keep in touch by phone or email or letter, but it isnt the same somehow. Yet in some circles, it is thought that time and space all exist in the now and right here. That is, time and space make no separation at all. In following with that way of thinking, this weeks meditation is going to focus on bringing together two people with the same heart focus.

Before you begin, share this meditation with the person you are going to focus upon and see if you can coordinate the meditation time so you are both doing this exercise at exactly the same time. If you cant, then hopefully your partner is sensitive enough to be aware of your efforts. But when the two of you are doing this exercise jointly, it is very powerful.

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Set the time so that you have the opportunity to go through your relaxing focus and deep breathing in advance of the time the two of you will focus upon each other. By the time the clock strikes the bewitching hour, you are both sitting upright, relaxed and focusing on a visualization of each others face. Each of you will follow these instructions together in your separate locations.

Begin by bringing a clear picture of your partner to your mind. You might have a photo that you favor. See if you can clearly reproduce that photo in your mind. See their face happy, comfortable and looking you directly in the eyes. As you look into their eyes, breath in their scent, their warmth and their love of you. It is almost palpable. As you continue to breath in their essence, begin to assign a color to that energy you are drawing into your being.

See the color radiate from their face, their forehead and eyes outward. You can see the color spreading slowly but steadily until this globe of color and energy expands to encompass their entire body. Now see yourself reaching out with your right hand, lightly touching the edges of this color globe that surrounds and holds your loved one safely inside. Depending on the color, you might feel coolness or warmth at your fingertips. Whichever the feeling, begin to feel the color becoming comfortably warm and spreading from your fingertips to your hand, up your right arm and spreading to your right shoulder.

See the color now spreading from your shoulder up to the right side of your head and down the right side of your body. It will take a few moments, but watch as the color seeps down the right side of your body to right leg and on to your toes. Feel the difference between the right side of your body and the left untouched side of your body. The difference is where your loved one has touched you and where they are not present in your energy field.

Now, beginning at the center of your forehead, see a deep golden color emerge and radiate out in a half circle down the left side of your face, neck and head. The color feels warm and as it spreads down the left side of your shoulder and chest and abdomen, through the left hip and leg, you are beginning to feel balanced. Let the golden warmth spread down your left shoulder, upper arm, forearm and through your left hand. As the warmth reaches the fingertips of your left hand, reach out and through the globe surrounding your partner touch their heart lightly with your fingers. At the point of touching, you feel the two sides of you and you see the two sides of them becoming one, melting into the color of deep, indigo blue. And the movement of the energy is now surrounding the both of you, expanding the two globes of energy into one large, compatible cocoon of warmth, safety and deep love.

For several moments, bask in the warmth of shared love and energy. Go deep within your heart to see the interlocking connection. Feel your minds joining in harmony. Know that this connection is what it is supposed to be today and think not of the future. All that is important is now and how you feel in the moment. As you allow your focus to sharpen to the moment, you realize that it is the now that creates your future, so there is no need to go beyond this very instant of awareness.

Stay in this shared moment for no longer than 20 minutes. Beyond this amount of time, the ability to maintain awareness becomes more difficult and it is better to willingly release your loved one from your focus rather than see it weaken in front of you. If you cannot maintain 20 minutes of focused attention, let go sooner.

This exercise is designed to create a strong bond between two consenting individuals based on a mutually felt connection. It is not designed to entrap nor create an uncomfortable expectation between the two of you. It is totally based on the now and the glory of the moment. Enjoy the closeness.

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