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Inspiring change from within

The Ultimate Warrior leaves no openings -- except in his mind.

The Way of the Warrior

Intentional Focus

This meditation exercise is designed to focus on and achieve a specific goal. To begin, you must choose a goal or purpose for the meditation.

For example, if you are having difficulty relaxing and releasing stress related to a particular problem in your life, let your focus be on extending your sense of relaxation from the body to the mind to a viewpoint that looks at your problem objectively, without it creating more stress. Or perhaps you have a specific goal in mind such as attaining a specific weight or making a certain amount of money in an identifiable timeframe or overcoming smoking or some other bad habit. Whatever your goal, set it firmly in mind and let's get started.

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This meditation will be done in a seated position but you can begin your relaxation lying down if that works better for you. Once you have achieved a deep sense of relaxation and have controlled your breath sufficiently, sit up into a comfortable seated position, back straight and shoulders relaxed. Continue for another few minutes to control the breath, pulling the air deep into your abdomen and find your center.

As your breath calms and continues in a smooth and even pattern, put your attention to the top of your head. Feel the air around your head and face as you begin to sense the color light gold. As your breathing steadies, you can sense the color of light gold coming into your body and mind with each breath. Now bring your goal to mind and begin building an image that defines the outcome of your intended goal. You are very clear in this image. You have a knowing that until you can see your goal, it cannot possibly come to pass.

At this point, go to the beginning of the goal's path. Where does it begin? Does it begin with a sense that you desire change? If so, do not focus on the denial of a current situation, but rather, focus on a change in the current situation. Take the images that are forming in your mind and begin to wrap them firmly in the feelings of creating these images. That is, your focus is not just to see the goal images but rather to feel the goal images.

How does the acknowledgement that you are ready for change feel? Does it make you feel stronger, more confident? Does it give you a clearer sense of direction? It should. If it doesn't, then you need to look more closely at your intended goal. A goal well-formed and desired will always feel good, make you feel stronger and be easy to imagine.

Assuming that your goal is clear, begin to build the steps in your mind of how you will move through the creation of your intended goal. Each step deserves your full attention. Each step feels more and more real and in current time rather than just in your mind. As you build the path to your successful outcome, pay attention to how you will achieve your goal. However, rather than let yourself be fixed in exactly how you will accomplish those goals, allow yourself to be open to new ideas and means of achieving your goals as you proceed through this meditative process.

Spend 20 to 30 minutes in your meditation developing the path to your intended goals and open yourself to the ideas that arise. You don't have to arrive at all the answers to reaching this goal with this first mediation exercise. Give it time, and let it go for the Universe to complete the job.

You may find that this meditation exercise will result in changes to the way you envision achieving your goals and even in the goals themselves as you repeat this exercise. But this is the way you actually create. If you set your goals so unchanging that your creative self and the creative nature of the Universe has no room to adapt to better ideas, you will never reach your dreams.

Remember, the secret to successful creation in this intended focus meditation is to feel rather than think. How do you want to feel both in the journey and at the end of the road? If you can turn yourself over to how you want to feel, you will find that your dreams will come to be - even better than you imagined.

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