The I AM Meditation

Inspiring change from within

Focus on your one purpose

- Japanese motto

The Way of the Warrior

The I AM Meditation

We know by now that it's all about intention. What we intend is what we attract into our lives. But the way you frame those intentions will affect the results you get.

You can say, "I want happiness." Or you can say, "I choose to be happy." Or you could say, "My intentions are to be happy." All of these statements will certainly be more effective than, "I wish I could find happiness," or "Why can't I find happiness?" Positive statements will always bring better results than negative statement.

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But let's look at strong, absolute, and definitive statements that will bring your desires into manifestation. Using "I am" statements will do that for you when you. When you speak in terms of "I am XXXX," you are the creator, the manifestor and the determiner of your life. I AM says, NOW. I AM says IT IS. I AM leaves no loopholes for doubt. I AM surpasses your hopes and fulfills your expectations. Can you feel the difference between "I hope" and "I expect?" "I hope" has leaky potential but I expect means that it simply IS. [Now I'll stop shouting at you in all caps.]

Let's explore expectation just a bit further. We expect the sun to rise in the east every morning just as we expect the sun to set in the west each evening. We expect that holding a book at arm's length and releasing it will see it fall to the ground. That's gravity talking. And you expect it to be so.

So, this meditation is about expectation and "I am" awareness. When you can identify an "I am" statement with the true feeling of absolute expectation, you are a creator of your own destiny.

Let's begin with our standard relaxation process, starting with the 4-4-8 breathing exercise. Following the breath awareness, move your attention to your muscles as you release any necessary tension and stiffness. Continue until you lose body awareness and feel the floating of pure relaxation.

Our focus is expectation. First, think of how you feel about sunrise and sunset. Can you even imagine that the sun won't go down? Unless you have been to Alaska or the North Pole in the summer, you probably haven't experienced a sun that lingers beyond expectation. But even up north, you will eventually understand the sun cycles and you again have clear expectations of the sun. Observe how that feels. How solid it feels to know the sun cycles and know that those cycles can be counted on to occur just as you expect.

Focusing now on your strongest desire - I am strong and healthy, for example - decide what the words are that will reflect your I am statement. Choose an I am statement that anyone can enjoy. I am loved and I am loving. Without wrapping the feeling "I am loved and I am loving" up in specific people, feel the flow and rush of absolute, unconditional, expected love, flowing to you and from you. How does it feel? It's warm perhaps; smooth, strong and even. As it rushes or oozes, it is steady and strong. And expected. See how that feels? When you state, "I am loved and loving," you fully experience the world of expectation.

The World of Expectation is a world where the level of excitement and anticipation is virtually non-existent. Let me give you an example. I have perfect parking karma. I know that wherever I go, I will always get a perfect parking spot. Front row, center, usually. So many people have said to me, "I want to park far away - it's good exercise." But I never act ungracious or ungrateful for these parking places. The Universe is gifting me and I am thankful. So now I can expect, and do expect, every single time to get front row center parking.

As you identify what true expectation feels like, your I am statements wrapped in that feeling will yield the results you expect. Your name will be drawn from the hat. Your business will get that deal you proposed. That job you want is already yours. And the love of your life walks in and smiles at you seductively. Whatever you expect, you will get. So let's say it again: "I am loved and I am loving." And wrap the feeling of expectation fully around this statement.

As you repeat this I am statement you begin to modify it to "I am slender." "I am wealthy beyond expectation." "I am strong and healthy." Whatever desire you can cover with the true feeling of expectation will work.

I am statements are the only true course to determined manifestation. As you begin to turn your attention to your physical awareness and your body relaxed, your slow breathing, vow to speak in I am terms for the next 24 hours. At first it seems awkward but soon you easily get into the swing of it. No "being" or "having" or "doing" statements. Your statements will sound like this:
  • I am strong and healthy.
  • I am abundant and abundance.
  • I am prosperity in the making.
  • I am grateful for the people in my life.
  • I am grateful for my karmic experiences that teach me strength.
And so on and so on. For the next 24 hours, only speak in terms of I am. Replace all the I'm going to's with I am statements. Say I am rather than I want, I intend, I wish. Be in the now for 24 hours with I am. And you will see the results. I am promising you.

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