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Meditate the Right Way

Why is Meditation so Hard?

  • Are you tired of trying to find that calm center, that quiet mind through meditation, but having no success?

  • You know that meditation is a means of changing your well-being by releasing stress and tension. You sit down, take a deep breath, find a comfortable spot and try to focus. On what?

  • Your mind begins to wander, you get itchy and edgy and can't sit still, and finally you forget -- or never knew -- where you were trying to focus. And you give up in frustration.

Don't Give Up on Meditation. It Works!!!

Open yourself to the world of meditation

Do you want to find a way of relaxing, releasing tension and increasing your self-awareness? You just have to use techniques designed to prepare a strong foundation for successful meditation.

If you are discouraged about the results of your meditative efforts and struggle because you are not achieving relaxation, you are ready for a new approach. If you become anxious because you can't focus, it's time for a change.

To quote one of my favorite teachers, George Curnoles, "Your mind is like a frisky monkey. Don't beat your monkey."

No, that's not an R-rated statement, but a realistic way to look at how your mind works.

Do you find yourself unable to focus on the goal of your meditation, whether it is a candle flame, a sound, a thought, a concept? Then your mind is just acting normally. Minds and thought processes are so complex, that we can hold multi-dimensional focuses at the same time. The purpose of meditation, however, is to learn to control your thoughts, focus your ideas and develop a desired outcome.

Unfortunately, if you haven't had the guidance and direction that teaches you how to develop your concentration, most likely you will experience scattered, uncontrolled thoughts and images. The Frisky Monkey mind will scatter your efforts.

It has been said that the difference between praying and meditating is that when we pray, we are doing the talking. When we meditate we are listening.

The MW Guided Meditation Series I is a set of guided meditations designed to teach you the correct and necessary steps that will lead you along the path of solid concentration skills toward the ability to meditate deeply and focus upon any internal goals you set.

These guided meditations start with basic awareness of the breath, sounds, imagery and build toward self-examination, deepening awareness and goal-setting. Unlike other products that simply offer meditations, the MW Guided Meditation Series I teaches you how to concentrate first, the builds your skills step-by-step toward deliberate goals of self-awareness and focused outcomes.

Now: The answer to your meditation frustrations:

The MW Guided Meditation Series I is a set of 9 concentration and meditation techniques that will teach you how to relax, release tension and focus on specific life-enhancing goals.

Containing more than 4 hours of techniques and exercises, the MW Guided Meditation Series I draws you along the path of skill development that allows you to progress at your own pace.

Each meditation has a specific focus and goal and the meditations are presented on a MP3 player designed to be easily taken with you so you can practice wherever it is convenient for you. The MP3 Player is of high quality with a full one-year warranty.

Hi Chesa,

I got the MP3 player! It's so pretty! And tiny! And it says "Meditation Warrior" on the front and on the screen when I turn it on, which is really cool. The audio quality is great, and the earbuds are very comfortable, unlike the others I've used. The plug-in charger to use when you're not around a computer is a very nice touch as well.

I've only done the first two meditations so far - I'm doing a new one each day. I like the breath control pacing - 4-4-8 - and I find using Ujayyi breath (a slight constriction of the throat) makes the exhale much easier.

Thank you thank you thank you thank you!

Tanya A

Improve your health by learning
to meditate correctly

What can you expect from learning to mediate using carefully designed techniques that build upon a foundation of concentration skills?
  • Release the stress that damages your health
  • Deep relaxation of body and mind when needed anywhere, anytime
  • Ability to change what you don't like in your life to what you want in life
  • Improved mental acuity, memory and clarity of thinking
  • Better and deeper sleep
  • Deeper concentration, greater focusing skills and improved learning ability
  • Increased energy levels
  • Increased confidence and direction and a deepening internal strength to face challenges better
  • Ability to overcome negative and limiting behaviors
  • Elimination of bad or potentially life-threatening habits
Relaxation techniques learned through meditation can also result in significant health benefits:
  • Lessening of symptoms that cause heart disease by slowing your heart rate and lowering your blood pressure
  • Reduced stress which improves oxygen absorption, increased blood flow to major muscles and organs
  • Decreased muscle tension, better digestion, improved sleep habits, better nutritional absorption and improved immune system response
  • Elimination or reduction of headaches, muscle tension and back pain
  • Ability to manage anger and frustration responses to daily challenges
  • Increased energy levels creating more efficiency and productivity in your work day and allowing you to more thoroughly enjoy your leisure time
All of these goals can be
easily achieved with the

Meditation Warrior
Guided Meditation Series I

$147.97 for a limited time.

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Opening you to the world of
well-being through meditation

So you were correct in thinking that you could improve your life and your health by learning to meditate. But it isn't your fault if you can't simply just do it. How could you know that there is a step-by-step process that strengthens the concentration skills first, then builds on the deeper meditative skills that lead you to successful life development - as you want it.

You can read how to meditate and you can learn the techniques that work best. However, it is difficult to actually experience the results of meditation from the written word mentally translated into a series of steps. Not only is it easier, but you are more likely to be successful, if you listen to a guided meditation where you are guided by a soothing voice to relax and then are drawn into a specific focus, leading you through a step-by-step process to a determined goal.

The MW Guided Meditations Series I is designed to take the difficulty away from you and let you ease into each meditation, guided gently and deeply into a state of focused concentration. As your skills develop, you will find yourself more easily slipping into a state of relaxation where you can focus on the deeper sense of self and make determinations about your future.

The MW Guided Meditations Series I is especially effective in the following areas:
  • The ability to learn meditation techniques in private anywhere and anytime it is convenient
  • Techniques for controlling the breath which is instrumental in managing your life and health
  • Visualization techniques that teach you to create the life you want
  • Remapping past negative experiences that make your today and your future more joyful and healthy
  • A method for changing what you don't like into a life of what you want
  • Goal-setting to achieve your dreams by focusing more clearly
  • Tapping into the power of the mind using these focused techniques of self-awareness
Finally, the MW Guided Meditation Series I is designed to provide:
  • A complete package - contains all of the meditations pre-loaded onto an MP3 player.
  • Complete privacy - since the meditations are on an MP3 player, you can play them anywhere you want and not disturb others around you or feel obligated to share what you're doing with anyone else.
  • Convenience - should you decide that you want to do your meditations out in the woods, while you wait in the dentist's office, or in front of your meditation altar, it is easy to pop in the ear buds and find the meditation you want to use. You are not tied to one location to do your meditations.
  • Elegant design - this MP3 player is an elegant, slim design. It fits into your pocket or briefcase and it's weight is negligible.
  • Quality presentation - the MP3 player has been chosen because it is a quality product. The sound is great, the ear buds are comfortable and it is simply lovely to look at. It has a one-year warranty and should provide years of usage.
  • Expandability - the MP3 player has enough capacity to continue adding future MW Guided Meditations Series I as they become availalble.
Your health is the most important focus in your life. Without good health, money and love and career goals pale in comparison and hold little value.

If you cannot find a way to regain your composure under stress, to direct your life as you wish it to evolve, or to remove the life stressors that cause you harm, you will never find the deep lasting sense of peace and joy that you deserve. Yes, deserve.

The MW Guided Meditation Series I is the tool that can bring you unsurpassed health, calmness when needed and a stress-free existence that opens all the doors to happiness in your life.

Can you assign a value to your health?
Just as the current, comedic advertisement says,
"Your health - priceless."

The MW Guided Meditation Series I includes:
  • 9 meditations teaching the basics of relaxation, concentration and focusing techniques
    ·   Deep relaxation
    ·   Breath control
    ·   Thought awareness
    ·   Focus on famliar music
    ·   Focus on unfamiliar music
    ·   Favorite place meditation
    ·   Breathing in the Power or the Mountain
    ·   Transforming your expectations
    ·   Petitioning the Universe
  • Instructional manual that outlines the goals of each meditation and the purpose behind the technique
  • Guided meditations presented in a soothing voice designed to relax, not distract, from your meditative goals
  • Meditation exercises focused on step-by-step progressive techniques that build your skills in a manner that results in observable advancement in your training
  • More than 4 hours of recorded guided meditations covering skill development in deep breathing techniques, sound and visualization exercises and habit control methods for changing your life for the better
  • 2 Gb capacity MP3 Player, slim and elegant in design of negligible weight that you can carry in your pocket or purse to be able to meditate anywhere
  • Full 1 year warranty on the MP3 Player
  • Satisfaction 100% guaranteed -- if you are not satisfied, return for a full refund within 30 days

How much is a
Life-changing Opportunity
worth to you?

If you are able to open yourself to a world of well-being, how much would you pay?

If you could learn techniques of self-empowerment, giving you a means of creating a life you desire rather than a life where you feel you have no control, what would you expect to pay?

If you could actually meditate rather than struggle with a lack of focus that just frustrates you, what price would you expect to pay for that success?

2 Gb MP3 players can sell for as much as $199. The MW Guided Meditation Series I contains more than 4 hours of guided meditations leading you from basic relaxation through the development of concentration skills to advanced-concept meditations that will teach you how to remap negative and potential unhealthy habit patterns into a healthier lifestyle. All for only $147.97.

Combine MW Guided Meditation Series with the TAO Totem for faster results!

Create a tactile connection that you can carry in your pocket with the TAO Totem. Imprint your learned sense of calm and relaxation to the TAO Totem as you follow your guided meditations to deeper awareness.

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A gift to self? A gift for a loved one? Buy more than one and save $25 on each MW Guided Meditation Series I pre-loaded MP3 Player. Two will only cost you $122.97 each!

You can order two TAO Totems with bags along with your MW Guided Meditation Series I and pay only $18.99 each.

Give the gift of health, peace of mind and inspiration to change.

The meditation techniques and experience contained in the MW Guided Meditation Series I product are Priceless

Here is your answer to making permanent changes
that you know are necessary for a long and healthy life.

These possibilities are YOURS for as little as $147.97.

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Most common complaints from people learning to meditate:

1. Quieting the Mind

"As someone who's new to meditation, trying to 'quiet the mind' is proving to be the most challenging."
-- Dennis

"Radio voice goading me and inserting synthetic thoughts when I try to meditate.

Not able to reach stillness."
-- Anthony

"Mind wandering (I know that 1,000 distractions give 1,000 opportunities to focus, but it's still annoying)."
-- Tanya

"The most difficult part of meditation, for me, is initially quieting my mind. I sometimes feel this 'resistance' to letting go."
-- Ilene

2. Lack of Focus

"I am currently sitting in a situation where I am not able to focus on my work due to major financial pressures & problems. Due to the stress which has been for a year now as I started my own business I am lethargic & tired all the time. Work & at home.

All I want to do is eat & sleep. Do you have a meditation that I could possibly use to help me focus on my daily tasks & to actually start taking responsibility/action for my life."
-- Jenny

- worries, focus on problems happening, busy busy mind-feeling pressured
-- Anthony

"Hi Chesa. My main problem at the moment is that I seem to have a wandering mind. When I'm doing a guided meditation, I can usually stay with it, but I'm tired and under the weather just now, and my mind seems to have difficulty in concentrating on 'nothing,' or self-guided work, especially later in the day.

Sometimes it's quite some time before I recognise the fact that I've wandered from the point, and remember to bring myself back, and sometimes it's only seconds or a minute or two before it's off again. Other than that, I usually have no difficulties in meditating."
-- Karen

"My biggest frustration, is that I am concentrating on my breath, and all of a sudden I am thinking about things that have nothing to do with meditation, or I fall asleep."
-- Francell

"Mind wandering on other things."
-- Hannah

"My most difficult aspect seems to be concentrating during my moment of meditation. And also, I'm not sure if I am doing it right. Should I be laying in bed or should I be sitting up?"
-- Guensley

"Concentrating or getting to meditate for a period of time."
-- Mathew

"Chesa, I think the difficulty is in clearing my mind & focusing on a prompt that has meaning for me. I like nature views but I wander from ocean to landscape to astronomical, plus all the anxiety & stuff I have to do runs interference."
-- Deborah

"Focusing...oh, yes! Concentration! I lose focus all the time, when I meditate is the only moment when I stay quietly and then my mind starts to analyze the day that had passed, the plans for tomorrow...everything but the meditation and no-mind state. Your help in this direction would be much appreciated as well."
-- Alina

"My challenge is to at first relax to reach the medidated state & during meditation to be able to stay focused & for my mind not to wonder...I prefer guided tapes."
-- Jenny

3. Finding the Time

"Finding the time - often in a rush in the morning and tired at night, distractions with baby crying."
-- Anthony

"I think first it is taking the time to do it, and then once you are still and trying to focus only on your breath, it is so hard to let the intrusive thoughts subside. I think this is what most people have problems with."
-- Brandy

"Not meditating as often as I would like...I always seem to find most pragmatical or urgent things to do...or I'm too tired...any hints in this direction?"
-- Alina

4. Getting Distracted

"Distractions and settling down to do it NOW."
-- Elaine

"You are definitely a women of your word. Thanks for getting back with me. The biggest problem that I have is training myself to refocused when I am interrupted. I get very upset.

I share with my household that it is my 'me time' and that I shall return when I have completed my routine of relaxation and meditation. However, there is always someone who thinks that their need is more important than my personal request for 30-minutes of peace time for me. Everyone knows that this time is very important to me.

My second most difficult obstacle is planning time outside of my home. I would love to get away to a quiet place away from my small upstairs recording studio. A garden, a park, a place of beauty that would allow me to sit quietly and meditate."
-- Robert

"My most difficult obstacle is being able to truly block out the thoughts going through my head, often I'll tell myself to just breathe and end up tensing up or thinking about something."
-- SilverBells

"Thinking of things I have to do, and staying busy with computer definitely are PULLS away from meditation for me.

Please let me know if you need more information. Yours for meditation,"
-- Roz

"Getting into a comfortable position to relax and distractions of others...( people needing your assistance while you are in meditation.)
-- Lantz

5. Physical Discomfort

"Or is all this stuff, i.e. uncomfortable back, sore eyes, breathing irregularity etc just part of the stuff I have to get past, in other words, keep at it and accept that the meditation in the early stages is hard and uncomfortable and anything but restful but that the anxiety and distractions will eventually give way bit by bit?"
-- Fran

"Aches and pains."
-- Anthony

The value of
Guided Meditations:

"I love to meditate in all of its many wonderful forms , from the emptiness and expanse of the no mind, to the beautiful visions I see, the guided imagery that flows before me, the answers and peace that wash over me. Its all amazing...but...

Lately I can't seem to bring myself to go there and now is when I have been feeling really heavy and when it would probably benefit me the most. I have made all the excuses and it really boils down to resistance. Why am I resisting the very thing that always makes my life better? And then I question where the resistance comes from and the words 'self care' pop into my head. And now a light is going on in my head . The Ah-ha moment.

Thank you for asking me that question and I will have to say now that my biggest obstacle to meditation is allowing my self permission... for some seriously needed self care.
-- Toni

"Also I have not meditated very often, and I have done best under guidance. I really like to meditate, but I think I would fair better with this if I could actually have someone guide me for several weeks, until I got into the habit and could do it alone. I like what you send out though. "
-- Brandy

"I think guided meditation is a little easier because it is easier to focus on anothers voice and be guided into relaxation an focus. listening to your inner voice is sometimes difficult because of the wandering that the mind can do."
-- Lantz

"Without a doubt my biggest issue is that I fall asleep easily, lying down, sitting up and sometimes I begin to nod off standing. Now, in all fairness this is due to a medication that I have to take. But I have missed so much with regard to the benefits I receive from meditation since this problem began.

BTW, I want you to know that I love the Tao publication and save every copy, and I mean each copy. Please continue this service. It is gold. I used to teach meditation and I have to say it is the best resource I have regarding meditation and other things, as well."
-- Ann

"I have attended classes but some of the prompts, like 'get centered' or pick a color & wash your body from head to toe in that color...just do not do it for me so I stopped going.

Plus he had a horrible voice & would chant sometimes, one word...ugh...plz keep me in your thoughts & on your list Chesa. "
-- Deborah

"My second most difficult obstacle is planning time outside of my home. I would love to get away to a quiet place away from my small upstairs recording studio. A garden, a park, a place of beauty that would allow me to sit quietly and meditate."
-- Robert

Achieve all your health and meditation goals with the
Meditation Warrior Guided Meditation Series I

Inspiring change from within

We have the
perfect techniques
and exercises that teach you
to meditate the right way!