Compassionate Warrior

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The Way of a Warrior is based on humanity, love, and sincerity; the heart of martial valor is true bravery, wisdom, love, and friendship. Emphasis on the physical aspects of warriorship is futile, for the power of the body is always limited.

- Ueshiba Morihei, The Art Of Peace

The Way of the Warrior

Compassionate Meditation

Most people think of themselves as compassionate, having a heart for those less fortunate than themselves. After all, it's easy to feel compassion for the parents of a small child with leukemia, or for someone who has lost a family member unexpectedly, or for any number of daily tragedies that you view on the news or through your life's associations.

Unfortunately, compassion is often curtailed by judgmental attitudes. That is, if one thinks that a person has caused their own suffering through poor judgment or bad decisions that could have easily been avoided, the layers of compassion peel away. However, true compassion is such that when you observe another's suffering, your heart opens to the desire to see that person find some happiness and relief from pain. This would mean that if you were feeling true compassion, then for each person who suffers you have the capacity to feel real compassion. Regardless of who they are, how their suffering began, and no matter how well they are dealing with it.

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The point? When all people can experience true happiness and joy, free from the suffering of life's challenges, the world will be a better place. Does compassion take away their pain and suffering? No, it does not. But it does prevent the judgmentalism of the world from adding to their burden and just maybe if they can feel the support and compassion of others, they can start the healing process.

Today's meditation is focused on finding true compassion. In preparation, please go through your usual relaxation steps, deep breathing and focus on sitting in an upright but relaxed position for the meditation. Remember always, breath is life and life is controlled with the breath. This exercise is not always most people's favorite, nor is it the easiest. But with successful completion of this exercise, you will find yourself stronger and better able to deal with difficult relationships.

As you find the deep level of relaxation calming your muscles and mind, focus on the breath and let all stray thoughts dissipate as you go deeper into your state of meditation. Let yourself sink deeper and deeper into the quiet that has no sound and that your mind surrounds. Now in this quiet, feel your security deepen.

Everyone has someone with whom they disagree. Everyone has someone with whom they don't see eye-to-eye. There is someone in your life with whom you have conflict. Let that person's face come into view. Notice how your muscles might be tightening and how your breath is no longer slow and even. Keeping their face before you, focus on your breath as you slow it down again, relaxing and returning to your state of calm.

As you visualize this person's face, begin to shift the point of view from your eyes looking at them to their eyes looking at you. Feel the tension they must feel in this relationship and see if you can let go of your position and see the situation from their position. For just a few moments, let go of your viewpoint entirely. Set it up on a shelf that you can retrieve later.

Let your heart become their heart; let your mind become their mind; let yourself be someone else for just a few moments. See if you can be that person long enough to feel that person. As you get closer to being in their skin, feel your heart in your skin growing in energy and size. As your heart grows outside the physical boundaries of your being, feel the draw of their heart attracting your heart into a bond of mutual understanding. Don't let your preconceived thoughts of how you think they think of you prevent the melding of these two hearts. You are not trying to change your mental or emotional position on how you feel about the problems the two of you might have. But you are trying to broaden your understanding of another person's world. You are opening your heart and your mind to a viewpoint that is difficult for you to embrace. And as you open yourself, you find not only compassion for that person, but compassion for yourself as well.

Focus on the energy bond at the heart level between the two of you. See this bond of energy as a golden light that flows back and forth between you, deepening in its color and consistency. Feel the color, feel the bond for several minutes of deep breathing. Finally, begin to see the color lighten, the density lessen, and the energy withdraw back to each of your hearts. Let this person's face fade from your visualization but let the warmth of the exchange remain at your heart level.

Know that each connection you make with another that comes from a place of understanding and compassion is a stronger bond with self and a strengthening of your inner nature. This method of dealing with interpersonal conflict removes stress, releases guilt and opens the way to better communication. You are in control of your life, how you think and how you feel. This technique will prove it to you.

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