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What you are is a question only you can answer.

- Lois McMaster Bujold, The Warrior's Apprentice, 1986

The Way of the Warrior

Energy Medicine using Biofeedback

More than 30 years in Baltimore, MD, I was working with a psychiatrist from Phipps Clinic at Johns Hopkins Hospital using my biofeedback equipment to help his patients control their stress levels. I was helping the patients learn to control their stress by listening to a high-pitched electronic sound that responded to their connection to the device that was reading their galvanic skin response (GSR). Their task was to lower the feedback until it was a low-pitched sound, representing their lowered level of stress or increased relaxation.

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At that time, the biofeedback devices available were simple. The GSR response caused a sound to emit that lowered in pitch as the client or patient relaxed. While is was rather simple, the principle was solid.

When I was introduced to the new biofeedback technology, I was astounded and became eagerly involved again. The biofeedback equipment I use now is called the Quantum EPFX. This tool not only registers the level of stress in the individual but it also administers balancing energies to help a person stabilize their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual conditions.

The EPFX Quantum Biofeedback device is a highly detailed yet easy-to-use computerized system, designed for stress detection and stress reduction. A leading choice for health and wellness professionals throughout North America, Europe, Asia and beyond, this device is state-of-the-art and is the biofeedback system of choice for both health practitioners and individuals.

We regularly hold informational meetings in the Nevada to share this wonderful biofeedback technology with those interested in reducing stress in their lives. After all, most people understand that stress is the base cause of most illnesses, diseases and the unbalance in our lives. Reduce stress and you can regain your health on all levels. When your level of stress is under control, you listen better; your body absorbs healing measures more completely; and you are in control of your life's direction. Stress is the barrier to good health in all aspects of your life.

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