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Meditation Warrior
Guided Meditations

Meditation is the path of the Seeker. It is the path of victory. Through determined efforts, you can find peace, joy and happiness in this life. Using meditation techniques and tools, and taking personal responsibility for your actions will bring about the changes you want in your life. And here's the payoff -- as you change yourself, you change the world.

Meditation Warrior provides you with meditation tools, guided mediations, and meditation techniques to help you learn to meditate successfully and the opportunity to make a difference in your life and the lives of those you touch and influence. The determination you bring to your quest for creating your own reality will define your level of success. Seeking an enlightened state is not easy path. It takes work to illuminate your soul.

Be a warrior. Take control of your own destiny.

A warrior does not give of what he loves; he learns to love what he does.

from Peaceful Warrior, the movie

The Way of the Warrior
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  Power of concentration
  Meditation using sound
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Meditation Tools

Gateway to Awareness

The path to meditation begins with relaxation, leading to concentration and control of mental focus. The techniques you use and the time you spend cultivating these techniques and habits will determine your level of success.

But discipline doesn't have to be harsh or stark. Effective meditattion is not the path of the ascetic, but rather the path of daily living. We can use tools which will assist in assigning successful inner feelings and states of mind with external objects as reminders.

There are meditation tools that make you think of meditating and help you create a calm, comfortable space where you will meditate. And there are tools to help you create a connectedness with an state of mind that you can carry with you to call upon that meditative memory anytime you want or need it.

Making your meditation space comfortable is an important aspect of meditation setting your environment as a special place that will begin to create an association with your practice of meditation. There are so many ways to make your meditation space comfortable from pillows, cushions and benches to sit on to bells, candles and incense to enhance the mood. [More info]

The goal of meditation is to bring a sense of control, calm and deeper insight into your daily living life. Not just when you are sitting in a meditative state, but wherever you are. One of the best meditation tools you can use is the TAO Totem because it offers you just this result. When you hold your TAO Totem, you are through association with past meditation sucessess, bringing to mind anywhere, anytime the ability to calm your tension, focus your mind and achieve your goals.

Other valuable tools that assist you in deepening your awareness and allowing you to control your focus are guided meditations. Meditation Warrior is offering several email courses offering Basic Meditation, Basic Relaxation, and Breathing Exercises. Be sure to subscribe to our mailing list.

Finally, the best tool you have is your own determination whatever method works best for your. There is no one way to meditate, although most methods have commonalities that work best. Just make the plan, commit to the plan and do the plan. All of life begins with a decision. Decide to improve your life and you will see it happen.

Guided Meditations pre-loaded
onto an MP3 Player

  1. Meditation basics teaching you to concentrate and focus
  2. Guided meditatations -- anywhere, anytime
  3. Blocks distractions, outside noise
  4. Small, dedicated, quality MP3 Player
  5. Enough room for additional Meditation series
  6. 100% guaranteed satisfaction
Meditation Warrior
Guided Meditation Series I

The Mind is Like a Frisky Monkey

Are you frustrated with the results of your meditation efforts?

Click here for info
on Guided Meditations.

Are you tired of trying to find that calm center and quiet mind through meditation, but having no success? You sit down, take a deep breath, find a comfortable spot and try to focus but your mind begins to wander, you get itchy and edgy and can't sit still. And finally you give up in frustration.

Meditation is a means of changing your well-being by releasing stress and tension. Do you want to learn how to relax, release stress and increase your self-awareness? Don't give up on meditation; it works. You just have to use correct techniques that are designed to prepare a strong foundation for successful meditation.

The MW Guided Meditation Series I is a set of concentration and meditation techniques designed to teach you how to relax, release tension and focus on specific life-enhancing goals presented in more than 4 hours of techniques and exercises. Preloaded on a quality MP3 Player, you can progress at your own pace anywhere, anytime, in private. The MP3 Player has the capacity to load over 32 hours of meditations so you can add future MW Guided Meditationseries when you are ready to move forward.

We have the perfect techniques
and exercises that teach you
the right way to meditate!

Click here for more info
on Guided Meditation.

Learn to meditate . . .

Master the senses

All of our senses draw us to our memories, our dreams, our fantasies. Controlling the senses will bring those memories and dreams into reality, into manifestation. Learn to control your senses and you'll learn to create your destiny.

Control can be used harshly or it can be like building the banks of your river to flow your life force where you want it to go. In the TAO there is reference to not "pushing the river." Clear imagery, isn't it? Going with the flow is so much the better approach.

The secret to recognizing the flow is being the flow. And the magic to the secret is embracing and understanding the senses, mastering the senses and using the senses to become the flow.

When you are able to maintain visual focus on an external object and then create internal images of focus, you are directing your mind toward the visualization of your intentions.

Listening to sounds and maintaining pure, unfettered listening without a wandering of the mind is the control you seek for creating strong intentions. When we can follow a sound without beng carried away, we are in control.

Scent is a strong generator of memories. We all have those fragrances, aromas, smells that give us a visceral reaction. While meditating once, I experienced the most ethereal, beautiful fragrance I had ever smelled before or since. This aromatic sensation was so powerful, I can retrieve the memory of the deep meditation that triggered this fragrance and go that deep again with little effort.

Learning to meditate the right way results from using meditation tools to teach you to meditate successfully. Whether it is through the use of guided meditation or meditation tools to help you focus, you can learn to meditate easily and quickly with good foundational meditation tools. is a center for regaining your power, aligning your goals, finding your connectedness. For each of your senses, we can show you the way to become the flow.